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New York Lotus   2 comments

With a hint of Photoshop



Southbound   4 comments

I have been above the trees 
and through the clouds galore.
I have stepped on Heaven’s welcome mat 
and entered through It’s door.

I have sailed above the rivers
and dived down toward the lakes.
I have left behind in memory
 all my pains and aches.

I have seen you from a distance
 and I’ve seen you right up close.
I have tapped you on your shoulder
 and I’ve heard you be verbose.

A bird’s-eye view of fields and ponds
and even Polar Caps.
I’ve taken in the landscapes
 shown on all your fancy maps.

I have not died nor am I close
 0f this I would not lie.
I have simply learned to use my mind
 to teach me how to fly.

– T.L .Winters

Grottoes   2 comments

These  cavernous tunnels of Rosh HaNikra in Israel are located on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea in the Western Galilee  near Lebanon.

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Afternoon Bridge   2 comments

Peach light bathes the air,
encouraging the corners of a genuine smile.
Sweet air taps you on the shoulder and 
tousles wisps of hair.

This childlike mood,
that sees every tulip bloom
 and hears the song of each auburn-bellied bird,
it is lovely.

We are made for these moments.
We are made for these moods.
This afternoon, it is made for us.

– Caitlin Wetzel

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Chinese Scholars Garden   2 comments

The conflict between scholarly civic duties and the desire to retreat from the world is called  “The Scholars Dilemma”.

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Moment of Peace – Golan Heights   5 comments

To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven … A time to love, and a time to hate; a time of war, and a time of peace.

– Ecclesiastes

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