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Japanese Gardens – Brooklyn   1 comment



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My New Camera   4 comments

I am now back to a normal routine, and therefore this is my first post in a while. I have upgraded my Nikon D70s to the new D7000. It is quite an upgrade for me. It’s sort of like day and night in terms of improvements. Right off the bat -I can now use other Nikon lenses that I own that work with the camera’s exposure meter. Something I could not do with the D70s. In addition to many other improvements, I can now shoot video – and great video at that.
My wife and I have recently returned form a trip to the Mediterranean and I hope to post some pictures I took in Greece, Turkey, Italy and Israel.

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New York Lotus   2 comments

With a hint of Photoshop



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Southbound   4 comments

I have been above the trees 
and through the clouds galore.
I have stepped on Heaven’s welcome mat 
and entered through It’s door.

I have sailed above the rivers
and dived down toward the lakes.
I have left behind in memory
 all my pains and aches.

I have seen you from a distance
 and I’ve seen you right up close.
I have tapped you on your shoulder
 and I’ve heard you be verbose.

A bird’s-eye view of fields and ponds
and even Polar Caps.
I’ve taken in the landscapes
 shown on all your fancy maps.

I have not died nor am I close
 0f this I would not lie.
I have simply learned to use my mind
 to teach me how to fly.

– T.L .Winters